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Mod Post: Hiatus

Due to a variety of reasons, I've decided to put the livejournal site for Kpop Lists on an indefinite hiatus. I'm not sure how long it will last, to be honest.

What does this hiatus mean for KPL?
  1. New lists will not be posted here
  2. Neither will Updates Posts
  3. If any information is incorrect, it will not be fixed
  4. Lists will not be expanded on from their current format
  5. All of the lists will stay as-is and will not be updated with new information
  6. Dead links will not be fixed
Please note: You are free to comment on any post in this community with either a suggestion for a new list, corrections of incorrect information, or additions of missing entries. I will reply to every comment, as usual. I'm still deciding on whether or not to disable comments altogether on here, but whether or not I do will probably just depend on how often I continue to get them.

The hiatus does not affect the Tumblr daughter site in any way. All information there is updated and as correct to my knowledge as possible. If what you are looking for is time-sensitive, then I highly suggest you visit there for your answer first.

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