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Idol Trainees that Switched Companies

 A list of kpop idols that switched companies during their trainee days.

Idol’s name (Group)
   Original company → Changed company

Chanmi (Co.Ed School)
   SM Entertainment → Core Contents Media

CL (2NE1)
   JYP Entertainment → YG Entertainment

Dongwoon (Beast)
   JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Doojoon (Beast)
   JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

G-Dragon (Big Bang)
   SM Entertainment → YG Entertainment

   Good Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

   SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment

Hyosung (Secret)
   Good Entertainment →  TS Entertainment

Hyuna (4Minute)
   JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Hyunseung (Beast)
   YG Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Jaehyo (Block B)
   Cube Entertainment → brandNEWStardom

Jihyun (4Minute)
   JYP Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Jungmin (SS501)
   SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment

Junhyung (Beast)
   Xing Entertainment → Cube Entertainment

Junsu (2PM)
   YG Entertainment → JYP Entertainment

Kevin (U-KISS)
   Xing Entertainment → NH Media

Kibum (U-KISS)
   Xing Entertainment → NH Media

Soohyun (U-KISS)
   Good Entertainment → JYP Entertainment → NH Media

Soyeon (T-ARA)
   SM Entertainment → Core Contents Media

Thunder (MBLAQ)
   LOEN Entertainment → J.Tune Camp

UEE (After School)
   Good Entertainment → Pledis Entertainment

Viki (Dal Shabet)
   Star Empire → Happy Face Entertainment

Yoobin (Wonder Girls)
   Good Entertainment → JYP Entertainment
Youngsaeng (SS501)
   SM Entertainment → DSP Entertainment

Youngsky (One Way)
   JYP Entertainment → Yejeon Media

Zico (Block B)
   SM Entertainment → brandNEWStardom

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